Since Money is not ISO currency specific, you can construct a currency object by using the code XBT. For Bitcoin there is also a formatter and a parser available. The subunit is 8 for a Bitcoin.

Please see the example below how to use the Bitcoin currency:

use Money\Currencies\BitcoinCurrencies;
use Money\Currency;
use Money\Formatter\BitcoinMoneyFormatter;
use Money\Money;
use Money\Parser\BitcoinMoneyParser;

// construct bitcoin (subunit of 8)
$money = new Money(100000000000, new Currency('XBT'));

// construct bitcoin currencies
$currencies = new BitcoinCurrencies();

// format bitcoin
$formatter = new BitcoinMoneyFormatter(2, $currencies);
echo $formatter->format($money); // prints Ƀ1000.00

// parse bitcoin
$parser = new BitcoinMoneyParser(2);
$money = $parser->parse("Ƀ1000.00", 'XBT');
echo $money->getAmount(); // outputs 100000000000

In most cases you probably don’t know the exact currency you are going to format or parse. For such scenarios, we have an aggregate formatter and a parser which lets you configure multiple parsers and then choose the best based on the value. See more in Formatting and Parsing section.